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Crescent Moon "Homegirls Supporting Homegirls" Hoodie

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One of our favorite designs are back and better! Our staple hoodie continues to inspire minority females worldwide to unify and uplift each other. With a society filled with such negativity from places like social media, it was essential to bring this piece back to glorify the true essence, beauty and power us women have. Inspired by animated series Sailor Moon, this graphic continues to speak volumes standing for female empowerment and unity amongst true friends. Become apart of the movement today!

  • Custom hand made & garment dyed vintage black
  • 100% Cotton / 15 oz heavy fleece 
  • Gender Neutral fit (we recommend ordering a size up if you want to be extra cozy) 
  • Embroidered Front / DTG Oversized Back Print
  • Damask / woven neck label
  • Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA

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Please see Sizing info below as all Sales are final after purchase.

  Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
XS 251/2 in. 181/8 in. 23 in.
S 261/2 in. 201/8 in. 231/2 in.
M 273/4 in. 221/8 in. 237/8 in.
L 287/8 in. 241/8 in. 243/8 in.
XL 30 in. 261/8 in. 25 in.
2XL 311/8 in. 281/8 in. 251/2 in.
3XL 321/4 in. 301/8 in. 26 in.