Our story

In March 2011, IAM.ECCENTRIC (IME) was birthed by owner Sonya Harris in her freshman dorm room at LIU Brooklyn, New York and has been on the rise ever since. IME features influences from the 90's and all across hip-hop culture.

In December 2016, Sonya observed the market and identified a need in a male dominated industry to create a female empowerment movement entitled "Homegirls Supporting Homegirls". This movement and lifestyle was started to help promote female unity worldwide especially for minority women who share like-minded goals and aspirations as entrepreneurs. 

Since her move in early 2019, majority of her clothing collections are now manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. She still remains true to her East coast roots by giving back to her community and the people that have helped her become the woman she is today. 

“IAM.ECCENTRIC is the one unisex street wear apparel brand with emphasis on Staying True and Being Yourself while promoting sisterhood amongst other fellow homegirls because each piece is cut from the cloth of creativity making you feel empowered”. – Sonya Harris